October 15, 2012   ·  

Outpaces Lingle Going Into the General Election Homestretch

HONOLULU, HI – Today, Mazie Hirono’s U.S. Senate campaign announced that it raised more than $1.42 million from nearly 24,000 individuals during the third quarter of 2012. This is Hirono’s strongest fundraising quarter, bringing her total number of individual contributors to 36,037, representing support from all fifty U.S. states, as well as every U.S. territories with the exception of Guam.

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Lingle raised less than $1 million during the last three month quarter.

Betsy Lin, Hirono’s Campaign Manager, said, “With nearly 24,000 donors over the last three months and our strongest fundraising quarter ever, people clearly know that Mazie is the one who will protect Social Security and Medicare, create educational opportunities for our keiki and work with President Obama to get our economy back on track.”

Note: due to Hawaii’s August 11, 2012 Primary, Hirono submitted both a pre-Primary and post-Primary fundraising report to the FEC during this quarter.  For this reason, Hirono’s FEC Summary pages are two separate documents, but taken together, her campaign has raised a $1.42 million for the 3rd quarter. Click here to view the pre-Primary FEC Summary pages (direct link: http://bit.ly/V2Njit); and, click here to view the post-primary FEC Summary pages (direct link: http://bit.ly/Ttic49).