October 17, 2012   ·  

HONOLULU, HI – Today, Betsy Lin, Campaign Manager for Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Mazie Hirono, released the following statement in response to an internal "poll memo" that Linda Lingle's campaign released:

"What the Lingle campaign describes as a 'poll memo' is just an incomplete paragraph that raises more questions than it answers.  It's odd Linda Lingle is willing to publicly declare, 'Mitt Romney would be a better president for Hawaii' than President Obama -- yet refuses to publicly back up her reputed 'poll results' with any actual proof.

"With her loyalty to the narrow, national Republican, Romney-Ryan agenda clearly established, Linda Lingle is falling well out of favor with the people of Hawaii. That's what public polls show, that's what our reputable internal polling shows and it's what we believe Hawaii voters will prove on election day.  And, the Lingle campaign knows it."