Mazie Hirono Statement on Star Advertiser Endorsement

July 27, 2012   ·  

HONOLULU- In response to the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s strong endorsement of her candidacy in the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary, Mazie Hirono said:

“I am humbled to receive the endorsement of the Star Advertiser and its recognition of my long commitment and work of advocacy.  I know the people of Hawaii are looking for  a Senator who understands the struggles our families are going through, a Senator who has a plan to make Hawaii stronger and more sustainable with home-grown energy and local food, and can bring a cooperative and collaborative approach to the U.S. Senate.”  


In support of Hirono, the Star Advertiser noted:


“Democrats should tap Mazie Hirono as the one best suited to champion Democratic aims and the most clearly distinctive candidate to go up against former Gov. Lingle.”


“But for Democrats who hew to the party's core values, including preserving a reliable social safety net, the most prudent choice would be to back a Senate candidate who's most likely to drive a hard bargain in what certainly will be fierce negotiations over the budget in the years ahead. And that would be Hirono.”


“[Hirono] cites with pride her congressional record of bringing home the bacon, rejecting the stigma that has attached to such spending: $2 million to help clean up World War II-era landfill at Bellows, money to repair the Lower Hamakua Ditch irrigation network for farmers. Such items fall far below the radar in Capitol Hill discourse, but she's right that they are important to constituents. Her three terms in Congress cap a long career of advocacy.”