MEMO: Lingle Campaign Violates FEC Law, Then Attempts Cover-Up

August 16, 2012   ·  


To: Interested Parties
From: Mazie for Hawaii Campaign
Date: August 16, 2012

Re: Linda Lingle Campaign Violates FEC Law, Then Attempts Cover-Up
Yesterday, the campaign of U.S. Democratic Senate nominee Mazie Hirono pointed out a federal election violation made by the Linda Lingle campaign and called on the Lingle campaign to pull the implicated TV commercial.

Here are the facts: Lingle’s advertisement didn’t comply with the “Stand By Your Ad” requirement, which maintains that TV commercials paid for by candidates for federal office must include the candidate stating that they “approved this message” and have that statement accompanied by a clearly identifiable picture or image of him- or herself (the candidate’s picture/image must take up “at least 80 percent of the vertical screen height”).  Linda Lingle’s commercial clearly doesn’t comply with the latter requirement as this screenshot shows:

Inline image 2

Rather than taking responsibility for the simple mistake, the Lingle campaign issued a press release today, in which they asserted that the TV commercial they were running was different from the internet commercial and that TV commercial complied with federal election standards.

As the below clips show, Lingle’s campaign was in fact airing the same advertisement on TV and the internet – an advertisement that violates the Federal Election Commission’s “Stand By Your Ad” requirement.  The ad aired on each of Hawaii’s statewide network news broadcasts during the past 2 days: 

•    KHNL Clip (10 seconds in):
•    KHON Clip (4 seconds in):
•    KITV Clip (57 seconds in):
The people of Hawaii are tired of Washington politics where elected officials will do and say anything to get themselves out of jam.  Hawaii deserves better when it comes to its elected leaders and hopefully this will be a learning lesson for the Lingle campaign.