October 30, 2012   ·  

HONOLULU, HI – In the final week of the 2012 general election, the campaign of U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Mazie Hirono launched a new statewide television spot titled “Middle.”

The :30 ad highlights Hirono’s recent endorsement by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii’s largest statewide newspaper. The Star-Advertiser identified Hirono as the clear choice for U.S. Senate citing her strong commitment to protect Medicare and Social Security, fight for tax fairness and work to strengthen and expand Hawaii’s economy.

The ad and the Star-Advertiser conclude: “Hawaii’s middle class knows, she stands with them.”

Betsy Lin, Hirono’s campaign manager stated: “In just seven days, the people of Hawaii will go to the polls to make sure Hawaii’s next US Senator is someone who will best represent Hawaii’s values, be a strong partner for Senator Inouye and work with President Obama to keep our economy moving forward. As the Star-Advertiser and voices across the state are making increasingly clear, that person and Hawaii’s champion for middle class families is Mazie Hirono.”

View “Middle” here:

The Star-Advertiser’s full endorsement can be read here:


MALE VO:  For Hawaii’s middle class, the Star-Advertiser endorses Mazie Hirono for U.S. Senate. Praising Hirono as “a staunch defender of Medicare” and Social Security

“Only Hirono would press for expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts for the very wealthy.”

Helping preserve a Democratic majority in the Senate.

Where Hirono will protect and grow Hawaii jobs in defense, tourism and clean energy.

Hawaii’s middle class knows, “She stands with them.”

Mazie Hirono.  Senate.

HIRONO:  I’m Mazie Hirono and I approve this message.